A-3 Skywarrior in Action No 148 by Jim Sullivan PDF

By Jim Sullivan

ISBN-10: 0897473280

ISBN-13: 9780897473286

Squadron sign courses In motion A-3 Skywarrior plane #148 #1148

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Continuity of mass flow in the streamtube requires that the velocity is continuous through the disc. Energy conservation, in the form of Bernoulli’s equation, can be applied separately to the flows before and after the disc. 1 Actuator disc concept for a rotor in hover, a. streamtube geometry; b. velocity profile; c. pressure profile. Momentum Theory and Wake Analysis 15 1 p• = pi + rvi2 2 r being the air density, and in the outflow: pi + Dp + 1 2 1 rvi = p• + rv•2 2 2 It follows from these that: Dp = 1 rv•2 2 Now by momentum conservation, the thrust T on the disc is equal to the overall rate of increase of axial momentum of the air, that is to say: T = rAviv• A being the disc area, hence rAvi is the mass flow through it.

Exception is made, however, in the case of three standard textbooks, which are referred to repeatedly, usually for further 12 Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics information on a topic where the present short treatment is deemed to have gone far enough. S. (1976) Helicopter dynamics. Edward Arnold. (2) Johnson, Wayne (1980) Helicopter theory. Princeton University Press. Z. N. (1984) Rotary-wing aerodynamics, Vols I and II. Dover Publications Inc. In the text, these are called upon by author’s name and no further reference is given.

5(c), the vortex ‘tube’ adopts a sheared profile for a short distance before mutual interaction between the vortices begins to distort the wake. The sheared vortex tube concept is a useful modelling technique, but, with vortex interactions, as shown in Fig. 5(c), needs care in application. As forward speed increases further, the individual wake vortices show a cycloidal shape (in plan) and a roll up character at the lateral rotor disc edges, not unlike a fixed wing. 5(e). Blade articulation leads to sluggish control, which can be improved by going to the more modern system of a hingeless rotor, but only at the expense of worsening the aircraft stability.

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