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By Patricia Telesco

ISBN-10: 1564144879

ISBN-13: 9781564144874

More and more, the magickal group is made of city-dwelling Witches, Pagans, and Neo-Pagans. How do those humans mix a ordinary philosophy with the concrete jungle? A Charmed existence is a transformational e-book that incorporates spells, rituals, prayers, incantations, and all demeanour of invaluable tricks for developing and preserving a fit, chuffed, and non secular setting.

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For long-term guests, you might present a coffee mug or a set of towels. When everyone is ready, gather in a circle with the new house member in the middle. Each person in turn should present his or her token, explain its significance, and perhaps exchange a warm hug. With people, this part of the activity is very important. It often provides insights that will be useful in living with them responsibly and in an atmosphere of trust. ACTIVITY: Cleansing and Reclaiming Your Space Because our society is mobile and roommates are common, it brings to bear the question of what happens when someone moves out, or when a particularly dominant guest leaves.

It appeared like normal bric-a-brac, but to me they were much more than that. They were symbols of my Witchery, of the Elements, and all I hold dear. Charging Your Decorations Charge each token you plan to take to your workspace in sunlight, moonlight, or any other way suited to your path. (Sunlight accents the conscious, logical mind and aids with strength, As Within, So Without 63 leadership, clarity, and connecting with the God aspect. ) Have a firm idea in mind of what you want this object to represent in that setting (if you can visualize where the item will physically be, all the better)—be it a special cup that symbolizes the Goddess, a crystal charged-up for concentration, or whatever—and keep that goal in mind while you energize and bless it.

It can also change our outlooks about words such as Witch. But how do we put these ideas to use? I propose creating a key word list that you can keep in your Book of Shadows. This list would be composed of terms and phrases that you strongly associate with a specific type of energy, perspective, or manifestation. For example: ♦ Creativity: flow, mastery, vision, imagination. ♦ Strength: endurance, persistence, tenacity. ♦ Joy: contentment, satisfaction, fulfillment. ♦ Magick: intuition, symmetrical, focus, Witch.

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