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By M. Samimy, K. S. Breuer, L. G. Leal, P. H. Steen

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The visualization of fluid circulate has performed a big position within the improvement of fluid dynamics and its functions, from the evolution of flight to monitoring climate, and figuring out the movement of blood. The Fluid Dynamics department of the yankee actual Society sponsors an annual festival for notable pictures of fluid move. This quantity incorporates a collection of winners from 1985 to the current. every one picture is observed through a few explanatory textual content, making the quantity a huge acquisition for someone interested by fluid circulate study.

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Cambridge University Press, 2003. 1,2 Here we study the pattern of sand ripples formed in a circular water tank (90 cm in diameter) in oscillatory (Fig. 1) and continuous (Fig. 2) motion. With an oscillatory shear, the ripples are essentially radial with some defects in the pattern to adjust the wavelength. The ripples start at the periphery of the tank where the shear stress is larger [Fig. 1(b)]. At the beginning of the experiment, there is a coexistence between small amplitude “rolling grain ripples” and large amplitude “vortex ripples” [Fig.

Samimy et al. Published by Cambridge University Press. © Cambridge University Press, 2003. 52 A Gallery of Fluid Motion Figure 1 Figure 3 Figure 2 Interactions between bubbles at low Reynolds numbers Michael Manga and H. A. Stone Harvard University In Fig. 1 we show a sequence of photographs of a large air bubble following a small air bubble in a large container of corn syrup. For this axisymmetric configuration, the small bubble spreads over the surface of the larger bubble. The experiment in Fig.

Mixture’s route to uniformity by coalescence E. Villermaux and J. Duplat IRPHE and IUSTI, Marseille, France The paradigm of the spoon stirring a drop of milk in a cup of coffee is often referred to when discussing mixing. We present the viscous version of it: the straw in a milkshake. Stirring a blob of dye with a rod in a thin layer of a viscous fluid (Fig. 1) is instructive to understand how a mixture evolves towards uniformity. The stirring protocol consists in slicing the medium in the plane of the fluid layer with a small rod.

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