John Small, Simon Ross, Michael Witherick's A Modern Dictionary of Geography PDF

By John Small, Simon Ross, Michael Witherick

ISBN-10: 034080713X

ISBN-13: 9780340807132

Small & Witherick's hugely profitable dictionary has already, in its first 3 variants, proved its worth as a finished consultant to the main ideas, recommendations, and terminology of up to date geography. This new, obtainable variation displays advancements within the self-discipline when you consider that 1995. overlaying either human and actual geography, this dictionary is a vital reference for undergraduate geography scholars.

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One major form of block disintegration results from the freezing of water that has entered cracks in the rock. The consequent expansion by 9% in volume as the water freezes to form ice causes the wedging apart of cracks and, eventually, the physical disintegration of the rock. However, in warm, humid climates acid rainwater can, by processes such as HYDROLYSIS, open up joints in rocks such as GRANITE, and again lead to block disintegration. In this instance the resulting blocks usually show evidence of rounding, whereas a purely physical process such as ice wedging produces sharply angular, joint-bounded blocks.

Border An area or zone lying along each side of the BOUNDARY between one STATE and Boserup's theory A theory concerning POPULATION and economic DEVELOPMENT. Whereas MALTHUS' THEORY OF POPULATION GROWTH Boserup's and Malthus's views of population growth and food supply held that food supply limited population, Boserup (1965) suggested that in a preindustrial society an increase in population stimulates a change in agricultural techniques so that more food can be produced. The essence of her theory lies in the old adage that 'necessity is the mother of invention'.

The earthquakes are actually generated along a sloping plane of friction, where one lithospheric plate is subducted beneath another overriding lithospheric plate, resulting in the formation of an OCEANFLOOR TRENCH/ISLAND ARC system. The foci of the resultant earthquakes are relatively shallow close to the trench, but become increasingly deep-seated as the Benioff zone slopes away from the trench floor, beneath the island arc. The intense pressures in this zone may lead to the melting of the lithospheric plate and the formation of a body of MAGMA.

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