Download e-book for iPad: Animal Tracks of Southern California by Chris Stall

By Chris Stall

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Details on 40-50 animals universal to every zone.

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Download e-book for iPad: Animal Tracks of Southern California by Chris Stall

Information on 40-50 animals universal to every area.

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Because skunks can hold most land animals at bay with their formidable scent, owls are their chief predators. If you are following a skunk trail that ends suddenly, with perhaps a bit of black and white fur remaining mysteriously where the tracks disappear, you might be able to guess what transpired. Page 49 Western Spotted Skunk life size in mud Page 50 Ringtail Bassariscus astutus Ringtail cat, miner's cat, civet cat, cacomistle Order: Carnivora (flesh-eating mammals). Family: Bassariscidae (ringtails).

Page 59 Gray Fox life size in mud Page 60 Bobcat Felis rufus Wildcat Order: Carnivora (flesh-eating mammals). Family: Felidae (cats). Range and habitat: throughout Southern California; in forested foothills, swamps, and fringes, rimrock, and chaparral. Size and weight: 30 inches; 35 pounds. Diet: small mammals and birds; rarely carrion. Sounds: capable of generic cat-family range of noises. The bobcat is a very adaptable feline, afield both day and night and wandering as far as 50 miles in a day of hunting, occasionally into suburban areas.

Sounds: low-pitched croaks, deep jug-o-rum, especially at dawn and dusk. Of the eighty-one species of frogs that live north of Mexico, the bullfrog is the largest. Varying in color from a mottled dark gray to green, with an off-white belly, bullfrogs live in or very near water because they must keep their skin wet and they breed in water. They use distinctive vocalizations to signal each other and to attract mates. the 4-to 6-inch long vegetarian tadpoles take up to two years to transform into carnivorous adults.

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