The Sabbath, its meaning for modern man by Abraham Joshua Heschel PDF

By Abraham Joshua Heschel

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The Sabbath Its which means for contemporary guy

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The Sabbath Its that means for contemporary guy

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18 Time is like a wasteland. It has grandeur but no beauty. Its strange, frightful power is always feared but rarely cheered. Then we arrive at the seventh day, and the Sabbath is endowed with a felicity which en­ raptures the soul, which glides into our thoughts with a healing sympathy. It is a day on which hours do not oust one another. It is a day that can soothe all sadness away. No one, even the unlearned, the crude man, can re­ main insensitive to its beauty. " 1 9 It is virtually impossible, the ancient rabbis believed, to tell a lie on the sacred Sab­ bath day.

This is the song and the praise of the seventh day, on which God rested from His work. The seventh day itself is uttering praise. " Therefore, all the creatures of God bless Him. The Sabbath teaches all beings whom to praise. Beyond Civilization • Technical civilization is the product of labor, of man's exertion of power for the sake of gain, for the sake of producing goods. It begins when man, dissatisfied with what is available in nature, becomes engaged in a struggle with the forces of nature in order to enhance his safety and to increase his comfort.

There is a great longing in the world. The six days stand in need of space ; the seventh day stands in need of man. It is not good that the spirit should be alone, so Israel was destined to be a helpmeet for the Sabbath. To understand the significance of that new concep­ tion, it is important to be aware of the mood of the age. Rabbi Shimeon belonged to a generation which, under the leadership of Bar Kochba, rose in arms against the might of Rome in a last effort to regain independ­ ence and to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.

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