The unremarkable Wordsworth by Wordsworth, William; Wordsworth, William (Schriftsteller); PDF

By Wordsworth, William; Wordsworth, William (Schriftsteller); Hartman, Geoffrey H.; Wordsworth, William

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ISBN-13: 9780816611751

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ISBN-13: 9780816611768

The fifteen essays in "The Unremarkable Wordsworth" draw upon quite a lot of modern theoretical ways, from psychoanalysis to structuralism, from deconstruction to phenomenology

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As the psychoanalytic study of art has become problematic, it has also become more worthwhile. Today no one can line up writers or their books according to clinical categories or an applied science model. Nor are we intrigued by how many sexual images lie behind the screen of words. What, then, can psychoanalysis tell us about literature? Even if we overcome methodological and moral scruples, it is not at all clear that the light thrown on the literary text by psychoanalytic investigation does more than make a darkness visible.

He protests the glory, and asks his imagination to let him alone. '' If Wordsworth, as Keats recognized, bore "the burthen of the mystery" more intensely than previous poets, it is not surprising that there should have been emotional exhaustion or desire for stability. But this explanation does not fit all the facts. Miss Fenwick, a confidante of the aging poet, writes of him as he approaches seventy: "How fearfully strong are all his feelings and affections! " The trouble is that Wordsworth never really renounced his younger self: he secretly canonized it, and much of his later poetry is written in bad faith.

The fixated or literally animistic mind feels that if nature remains alive when what gave it life (the mother) is dead, then the mother is not dead but invisibly contained in nature. On the other hand, if the mother is dead, then the affective presence of nature is but a phantom-reality that must dissolve just like the illusion it has replaced—the illusion of a permanent dasein (the mother's). 2 Let me try, somewhat quickly and aggressively, to generalize. Is not artistic representation (understood as a re-presencing) a similar kind of touching, or reality testing?

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The unremarkable Wordsworth by Wordsworth, William; Wordsworth, William (Schriftsteller); Hartman, Geoffrey H.; Wordsworth, William

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